Sarnia Citizens on Patrol

Sarnia Ontario, Helping Our Neighbors, Deterring Crime

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1 Basic Information on Wed Feb 18, 2015 12:29 am


We are only eyes and ears for police and emergency services. Nothing more.
Anyone involved does so in an effort to deter crime while serving their families, neighbors, and the greater whole of Sarnia.

We must ask that you meet the following requirements before becoming involved in this group.
1. Be 18 or over with no criminal record, active warrants, or poor standing with law enforcement.
2. Be able to keep confidential information.
3. Understand that you are representing the Sarnia Citizen Patrol Program/Group, and act in a polite, professional, and courtious manner.

Generally, what you would do as a Sarnia citizen on patrol,
1. Patrol areas in pairs (ideally) looking for unusual and suspicious behavior.
2. Checking on businesses after hours, looking for break-ins or vandalism.
3. Observe school bus areas, to discourage abductions.
4. Report any crimes in progress, suspicious activity, or serious concerns to police.
5. Optionally, listen for smoke alarms and follow listed procedures if smoke alarms sound.

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