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Detecting Fire or Smoke Alarms

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1 Detecting Fire or Smoke Alarms on Wed Feb 18, 2015 12:51 am


Keep in mind, the smell of smoke in an area is not reason to call for fire trucks.
Please use your best judgement when attempting to detect or locate a fire.

  • You will probably hear the smoke detector before anything else.
  • When you hear a smoke detector, and locate the house that it is within, from the road, check to see if there is smoke coming from the building.
  • DO NOT approach a house you believe may be on fire, until you have determined that it is safe to approach.
  • Smoke billowing from windows or through the roof is a good indication of a problem.
  • If smoke billowing from the house is not present, and you feel it is safe to do so, approach the house (or other building.)
  • If you see some smoke inside, knock loudly on the door, and attempt to make contact.
  • If the occupant(s) inform you that all is well, and they do not require assistance, believe them.
  • If you are unable to get any response at the door, and wish to risk tresspassing, check some of the windows, to see if there is
  • anyone unconcious inside.
  • If a window is open, optionally shout, "Is there anyone here? Do you need help?"

As a safety precaution, do not approach a building if you believe it would pose a risk to yourself. If you are able to identify easily that there is a fire that should not be, call 911 immediately.

Only approach a building if you can confirm that doing so would not put you at risk.

  • If you see someone inside a building with smoke inside, usually slouched in a chair, or laying down somewhere, and they are not responding to knocking or shouting/loud calling for them, and you believe they are unconcious, call for fire and ambulance right away.
  • If you see fire that is not a candle or in a fireplace, and contact cannot be established, call for help immediately.

Other than that, use your common sense, and keep in mind, this document contains GUIDELINES ONLY.
Do not attempt anything that would put you at risk.

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