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How do I get Involved?

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1 How do I get Involved? on Mon Dec 15, 2014 2:37 am


While signing up to this free forum is optional, it is recommended, simply so that you know where others in your area will be, how you can contact them when you're out there, and any updates on areas to watch for.

If you wish to sign up, by all means, you may do so, and I personally recommend it.
If not, all you need to do, is just find a means to get around, usually a bicycle, ebike, or car, if you want to spend that much money on gas, but the first two options are probably the best. Walking is also a great way to patrol, and you get a great deal of exercise, too. (Imagine, burn fat and calories, and keep your city safe, all at once!)

Beyond figuring how you wish to get around, you just need to learn how to quickly use your phone in an emergency, pick an area to patrol, and, we recommend going with a friend, too. It doesn't take much, just walk around aimlessly, watching for stuff that isn't normal, and if you see crime happening, call it in.

"Do I need anything else? Special clothing, or a uniform of some kind?"
Nope. You can wear whatever clothes you're comfortable in. Obviously, you are NOT permitted to wear a police-like uniform, as that is in fact against the law. However, if you wish to patrol at night, a reflective vest or coat would be a good idea, simply to keep visible.
A vest, you can pick up from Giant Tiger at the Northgate Plaza for, probably around fifteen dollars.

A two-way radio (set) would be beneficial as well. While a phone is good for contacting police, if you see something and wish to have others come to your area to keep a closer eye on things, a radio can put out your call very quickly to everyone in the area. If you need help, we'll come running. Just please, don't be the boy who cried Wolf.

Beyond knowing your phone, optionally using or buying a two-way radio, and optionally getting or wearing a reflective vest, there's not much to it. Just keep an eye out for trouble, and be ready to call it in.

"Do I need to sign up?"
You don't need to. You can be a citizen on patrol in your own spare time, without even telling anyone else. If you want to be more proactive though, and get to know some of the areas, meet up with others, such like that, by all means, sign up, and get to know people.

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