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Is This Even Legal?

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1 Is This Even Legal? on Mon Dec 15, 2014 2:58 am


Absolutely. There is no law that states that people cannot be observant and report crime to police.
Citizens on Patrol Programs are common in many places. Manitoba, may in fact, have a province wide program. We're pretty sure they do.

While some groups become registered as non-profit organizations, it is not necessary to do.

You also do not require any special licenses. Citizens on Patrol, is just a fancy way of saying "We watch for crime, and hope it doesn't happen. We also make ourselves visible as regular people, in the hope to deter crime from happening in the first place."

Nothing more than that.

So, is it legal? Yes. Are you capable of breaking the law while patrolling? Yes you are, no one is above the law, just because they claim to be a citizen on patrol. It's a vanity title. Do citizens have various rights? Absolutely.

If you wish to get involved in enacting section 494 of the Criminal Code of Canada, which covers, in the most basic terms, Citizen's Arrest, you can do so, provided that you follow the law in that section EXACTLY.
Do you open yourself to lawsuits by doing that? Yes you do. Is it worth the trouble? No idea yet. No one here has tried so far.

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