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911 Fire Call

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1 911 Fire Call on Wed Dec 17, 2014 3:22 am

[Delta Five]
On December 17th at around 2am, I came across a loud beeping sound in the area of Mitton St. N and London Rd.
Upon identifying the location of the sound, which was quickly identified as a smoke detector, I approached the residence to make contact with any occupants. No answer was given after loudly knocking on the front door.
I proceeded through an unlocked gate to an open window to the side of the house and called inside, and still received no response, but observed white smoke inside the residence. Knocking once more on the door, I still received no response.

After alerting emergency services and having fire dispatched, I tried knocking loudly on the door once more, and did get a response. I encouraged the single male occupant to evacuate, and informed him that the fire department has been dispatched. The male failed to comply with the request, and said he had merely burned something on his stovetop. When the door was open, I in fact had trouble breathing, and had to step away from the door.
I advised the occupant again that for his own health and safety, he should evacuate, and that the fire department is on the way.

Two police cars arrived on scene and were advised that the occupant is still inside and conscious. Two fire trucks arrived seconds later, and a third truck which was dispatched, was sent back as it was not needed.

Fire crews vented the smoke out of the house, and cleared the scene within no more than half an hour from arriving.
The cause of the smoke was indeed a burning substance, likely bacon juice, on the stovetop. No injuries were reported, and EMS was not dispatched.

Main Sector: Downtown
Callsign: DELTA-5

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