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Michigan Driver Advised of Distracted Driving Law

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On December 30, at around 1pm, Silent Paw was traveling northbound on Christina, past Wellington. After encountering a Grand Prix with Michigan plates, he observed the driver frequently looking down towards the center console of the vehicle, weaving slightly, and traveling somewhat slowly through intersections.

Upon making contact with the driver at Mc Donalds on Christina, it was found that the driver was attempting to navigate, using a map app on his mobile phone, to find a fast food chain. (Evidently, he found one.)
The driver was courteously advised that Canada has laws that prohibit the use of a mobile phone while driving, and if police see it, can issue a fine of up to two thousand dollars. The driver asked what would be better to do, and Silent suggested that the passenger handle the phone and navigate, so as to leave the driver free to concentrate fully on the road.

SCOPP is not authorized to give out traffic tickets. However, even if it were permitted, education is far better, as in this case, it is quite likely that these international visitors were merely unknowledgable about all laws of the country and province. Simply briefly, and kindly, educating them on the law, and what could result, they likely will take steps to ensure that such mistakes do not happen again. Thus, keeping a safer road, and city, for everyone.

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